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Two reasons why I (indirectly) hate Wal-Mart.

I wonder if people go to fucking Wal-Mart just to stand there with their thumbs up their asses. I hate it when I need something but some fat woman is standing directly in my way. I can’t tell her to move her ass or to straight up just get the fuck out of my way. But you’d think people would actually move about there. On the topic of MOVING if you can walk just fine, don’t use th scooters. They have those there for handicapped people who can not, I repeat NOT WALK. Crippling laziness is not a goddam handicap you fat peice of shit who has no trouble walking yet continually uses handicap scooters. Yes, you. If annoying people like you didn’t fucking exist, Wal-Mart would be a much better place.

Holy Fuck

It did not phase me to mention that my previous post about how much I hate Kellin Quinn was post number 100. I think that’s pretty fucking rad. Especially since I only gat this fucking account to please my cousin who HAS NOT EVER FOLLOWED ME. Bitch. Please. Who knew I could get to my hundredth post. I love you Tumblr. I will now go to bed.

Kellin Quinn

I hate your wife. I hate your hair. I hate your life. I hate everything you say, have ever said, done and ever done. Basically I hate everything about you. Especially the way you talk. Grr. The one thing I don’t absolutely hate about you is the band you are in. Sleeping with Sirens is awesome. Excluding Kellin Quinn. I don’t see why every girl who likes that fucking band wants to fucking get with him. He’s got the face of a fucking crackbaby! Damn it

Only at walmart will you see an old man buying a bright pink thong, a fat lady in a way-too-small dress, and thirty or more checkout lines with only two open. Yes. I did witness these things. Ironically, though, at the time I was covered in paint from my marching band bus painting. Like twenty people took my picture. I’m hoping someone sent it to people of

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